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Working with Shopify // Our Favorite Apps

November 08, 2017

Working with Shopify // Our Favorite Apps

Our Favorite Shopify Apps for Small Apparel Businesses

Since we moved from Square Space to Shopify two years ago, I have fallen more and more in love with this platform. That's nerdy, but not an overstatement. 

One of the primary reasons I love working with Shopify so much is the App Marketplace. For every feature, we'd like to add, someone has already built a plugin for it or something very, very close to it. 

We use a ton of apps to make our little shop run, but here are a few of my very favorite. 


Zapier is the newest app in our lineup and has very quickly become the most useful tool in our belt. Zapier allows you to essentially build your own apps, to do exactly what you need. It's like a WYSIWYG for back-end development. It's incredibly empowering! We use Trello to stay on the same page as a team, and with Zapier, I've been able to automate a ton of tasks right on our to-do list. We use Zapier to make lists of all the places we've been tagged on social media in one place, so we can be sure to respond to every one. 

Automating these small tasks frees up so much time from administrative time and giving us more time to design, print, write blogs like this one. This tool has me looking for things I can automate everywhere! Still working on one that will change the Merman's diapers. I'll keep you posted. 


We use Pixelpop for our on-site banners (for sales) and pop-ups (like our newsletter signup). This app makes it incredibly easy to create and schedule pop-ups and provides really helpful analytics. 

Product Options by Bold

Product Options was the first app we added to our shop, and we very literally could not exist without it. Product options powers all the personalization forms on our site. And we worked with them to customize the app to display images on some of our more complicated forms. It's easy to build new forms and add the data to our customer emails and order system. The team has been incredibly helpful when we've run into bumps along the way as well.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews is a simple plug an play app we use for all reviews on our site. It integrated into our theme seamlessly and was very easy to customize. Why not leave us a review (on any product page) and try it out yourself! ;) 

Rewind - Backups for Shopify

Rewind is the invisible app that helps me sleep at night. It takes daily backups of our shop and keeps them super organized and very easy to restore from. So in the extremely unlikely event that I make a mistake, I can just hit the undo button. 

We use a bunch of others,