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Welcome to Hi Little One, Where Personalized Style Meets Unforgettable Moments!

Unlock Magical Savings with Bulk Orders!

 We believe in the power of personalization shared with a community. Whether you're planning a birthday party, organizing a school event, running a boutique, or simply looking to create a memorable gift collection, our bulk order discounts are designed to make your dreams come true while staying within your budget. By ordering in bulk, you unlock exclusive savings that ensure every child can experience the wonder of personalized style.

Imagine the Possibilities with Hi Little One: 

Create Unforgettable Classroom Experiences: Buy a t-shirt for the class to celebrate graduation or for a field trip
Host Memorable Parties and Events: Make your celebrations truly extraordinary with our t-shirts and hats as part of the celebration.
Unforgettable Birthday Celebrations: Delight the birthday boy or girl with personalized clothing that showcases their unique personality. Create a cohesive theme for the party and leave a lasting impression on guests.
Captivating School Events: Outfit your school's sports teams, clubs, or academic groups in personalized attire, fostering a sense of unity and pride. Let your students shine as they showcase their individuality.
Boutique Offerings That Stand Out: Elevate your boutique's collection with personalized children's clothing, attracting customers who appreciate one-of-a-kind pieces. Set yourself apart from the competition with our high-quality garments.

    How to Unlock Your Bulk Order Discount:

    Browse our captivating collection and select the items that inspire your imagination.
    Add the desired quantity to your cart, keeping in mind the minimum order quantity for bulk discounts.
    Proceed to checkout, and apply one of the below discount codes based on your order volume. 
    Enjoy the thrill of knowing you've unlocked unbeatable savings while spreading joy to countless children!

       Bulk Discount Codes 

      35% off orders of $1,000 or more: LARGEBULK

      30% off orders of $500 or more: Bulk2023

      25% off orders of $300 or more: Hooray25


      Bulk/Wholesale Ordering
      Bulk/Wholesale Ordering
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