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Little League Personalized Onesie at Hi Little One
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Little League Personalized T-shirt at Hi Little One
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North Country Personalized Onesie at Hi Little One
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Cool Kids Personalized T-shirt at Hi Little One
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Happenings, musings and storytelling

June 03, 2019

Our Blended Family...Almost married...Almost two teenage boys...and a Boston Terrier

We have a blended family; it's not something I asked for when starting my family, and it hasn't always made life the easiest, but it has proven to have some beautiful relationships within it.
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May 08, 2019

Introducing: Jessie Boyle

I just wanted to formally introduce myself and thank you all for your support during this wonderful journey of becoming the new proud owner of Hi Little One (HLO).

As many of you followed Nell and Maggie's journey of starting HLO, I’m sure some of you may be bummed that they sold the company. I want to reassure you that I am so proud to own this company and have fun everyday designing lines, posting on social media and seeing everyone’s support. *Spoiler Alert* We have some new exciting lines coming out this summer that I’m sure you will all love.

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March 05, 2019

#loveyourlittleone Contest!

We will be participating in a monthly giveaway for one lucky Hi Little One purchaser. Follow the simple instructions included and enter in to win a chance at a $50 gift card! #loveyourlittleone
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January 31, 2019

Goodbye and Hello

The times they are a changing! As Nell and Maggie say their goodbye to Hi LIttle One emotions are all over the place. The overwhelming feeling of thanks to all of you who supported us on this journey and excitement as we hand over the reins to the amazing new owner Jessie Boyle.
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August 24, 2018

Making Time for Family

Eight kids make for a busy household with everyone going in different directions. In our house family time was scheduled into the calendar every week and non-negotiable. Spending time together, (just the ten of us) was a top priority in our house.
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August 13, 2018

Hi Little One at Home

Getting ready for the arrival of your little one? Check out how our customers have used HLO products in their baby's room—makes us want to move right in!
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May 11, 2018

Lessons in Parenting: The Dance Test

The Blog, Prom edition! Take a look at the most clever trick in the Jim Ryan book of parenting: The Dance Test. A cheesy, yet effective way to keep his girls modest.
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April 29, 2018

Managing Sports for Eight Kids: Avoid Meets & Bring Treats

How does a mother of 8 juggle sports for eight kids? Lot's of driving and even more patience. Bullets talks sports in her latest—blog, tips, tricks and treats included!
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April 18, 2018

Hot 'N Fresh out the Kitchen: HLO x Miss Jones Baking Co.

Take a closer look at our latest collaboration, a very sweet partnership with Miss Jones Baking Co.!
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April 11, 2018

Three is Our Lucky Number!

Starting a business and having a baby is not all that different. Hi Little One has grown from an idea to a newborn and now is rolling into its toddler years. Keep an eye on us— we are growing up quick!
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March 10, 2018

Always 100% Irish at Heart

100% Irish? Or maybe not quite as Irish as you want to be? No matter—everyone is Irish on St.Patrick's Day! Your little leprechauns will look the part with our Lucky Collection of t-shirts, onesies and tote bags. Get your green on!
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January 21, 2018

Be Mine, The Making of a Lovely Collection

Love More = More Love! Our Valentine's Day Collection is here and ready for some love. Celebrating everything that little ones love from Mom, Dad to pizza and tacos. This sweet collection covers all the bases.
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January 14, 2018

Q & A with Bullets

What do you do when Mom gets sick? How does one put one kid to bed, much less eight kids? How do you keep all the school forms, slips, homework etc... organized? We compiled some of the top recurring questions people ask Bullets about raising eight kids. You asked and Bullet's answered!
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December 01, 2017

Easy Steps to Winning at Gift Giving! For the Teachers, Bus Driver, Hostess on Your List.

'Tis the season for gift giving. Hi Little One has something for everyone on your list. Our #1 seller this time of year is our personalized totes. Customize your tote today for your favorite teacher, bus driver or coach.
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November 17, 2017

Why Not Give Yourself a Break this Holiday Season?

Sometimes (all the time?) over-celebrating can make you miserable. Get some tips for slowing down and enjoy the holiday season from a seasoned veteran.
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November 14, 2017

Holiday Gifting for Little One's— It's in the (tote) Bag!

Holiday Season is in the (tote) bag this year. The Get Cozy Collection is our most inclusive collection yet. Personalize a onesie, gift set or tote bag this year— we have something for everyone!
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November 08, 2017

Working with Shopify // Our Favorite Apps

Go go gadget, apps! Take a look at the most useful apps that keep our business running with just 3 employees.
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October 29, 2017

10 Ways to Tell if Your Baby is a Good Sport

So many photo ops, so much patience from this teeny tiny human. A look back at 6 months of mostly really bad photography.
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October 25, 2017

North Country Style

What is the inspiration behind our first collection? The beautiful north shore of Minnesota and a fierce loyalty to our home state. See why this collection is one of our all time favorites.
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October 17, 2017

Fall Style — My Favorite Pieces for Little Ones

Forget the cold—layer up your mini-me with our favorite fall styles! Personalzed sweatshirts, hats, and the cutest thermal long johns. Get ready to swoon!
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October 12, 2017

Halloween—It's in the Air

Halloween is finally here! Time to carve your pumpkins and hit the streets in our Spooky Scary Collection. Our scariest collection yet!
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October 03, 2017

The Case for Swearing Babies

Hell yes, you're going to like this post! Our Hell Yes! Sweatshirt does come in a more PC version (Heck Yes!), but I'm here to convince you to go all Sandy-at-the-end-of-Grease on this one.
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September 24, 2017

My New Favorite Shirt

Murray wins over his older cousins with some serious sucking up (+ our personalized Fan Club T-Shirts!)
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September 17, 2017

Me and Winnie (Minnie Winnie)

Bullets hits the road in a Minnie Winnebago, not for a road trip mind you, for her everyday errands. Yep, she traded in her beloved Dodge Challenger so that our Dad and his hunting crew would have a vehicle to take hunting on the weekends. If that's not true love, I don't know what is!
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September 13, 2017

Throwback Collegiate Style // The Making of the HLO Sweatshirt

We have some brand new digs in the shop! Take a look inside the ideation and creation process. (And try not to get thirsty...)
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August 23, 2017

Girl Boss

Starting and running a business has been an adventure filled with many highs and lows. The highs? Meeting like minded women who run their own business and are willing to share their expertise!


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August 09, 2017


Two bullets with one stone! Er...this week on the blog, Bullets shares what it was like growing up as one half of a pair.
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July 26, 2017

Color You Own Collection + This Little Miggy

Meeting new and talented people has been a huge part of starting Hi Little One. We were so fortunate to befriend Miggy at Alt Summit last year. Her blog This Little Miggy Stayed Home is not one to miss!
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July 11, 2017

Personalization in the Wrong Hands

Personalization is cute right? Not always! This weeks blog—sharpies + kids = wedding fail!
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June 30, 2017

Good Ole Summertime

Swimming, fishing and several life jackets. Bullet's latest blog looks back on raising her kids in beautiful Cottagewood USA!
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June 19, 2017

The Real Americana

Get your USA on! The 4th of July is quickly approaching and it's time to pick up some red, white and blue threads to get the little ones parade ready! Not sure what to get? You've come to the right place!
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June 11, 2017

Advice from Dad

Thinking about our Dad this (and every) Father's Day. This week's blog is a collection of the advice we think he'd give us if he was here to watch our little company grow.
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June 06, 2017

Wrap it Up! Father's Day is in the Bag

Nothing says "I love you Dad", like a shirt that actually says "I love you Dad" ...And since we're in the camp of doing something a little less direct and a lot more fun, check out these Father's Day ideas.
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June 01, 2017

Always Room For One More

Our Mom, Bullets Bartosch remembers the summers when eight kids just wasn't enough.From Northern Ireland, Paris and the Congo the more the merrier (usually) was her motto.
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May 21, 2017

Bye Bye American Apparel

Sometimes unexpected change is very good! This week on the blog, we say goodbye to our primary supplier American Apparel and hello to new basics that we like even better.
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May 16, 2017

Summertime Equals T-Shirt Time!

It's starting to feel a lot like summer out there. Time for sun and fun and your favorite Hi Little One t-shirt!
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May 07, 2017

Remember When I Said This Plan Had No Flaws?

Nell talks about the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks of Motherhood. It's actually a really boring post becuase everything went so smoothly.
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May 03, 2017

Straight Outta Nowhere

Our best selling collection Straight Outta is flying out the door in all three of the cheeky styles. Straight Outta Diapers, Straight Outta Preschool and Straight Outta Custom designs in super soft onesies and kids t-shirts.
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April 25, 2017

Babies having Babies

Our Mom (aka Bullets) muses about watching her own children start their own families.
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April 18, 2017

Take These Shirts to the Ball Game

The Little League Collection drafted a new player. Check out the personalized onesies, toddler and youth t-shirts and the new 3/4 raglan t-shirt.
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April 02, 2017

Color Your Own Onesies, T-Shirts, and Totes

Take a look into the development of our most hands-on product yet, the Color Your Own t-shirts, totes and onesies.
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April 01, 2017

Not Fit to Print

The Not Fit to Print Collection —our failed, inappropriate product ideas that we decided to showcase on the most unpredictable day of the year —April Fools Day! This Collection is only available 4/1/2017 and then it's gone!
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March 26, 2017

Get Saved! The Perfect Baptism Gift (That You Actually Want To Give)

Looking for the perfect Baptism Gift? Not so easy right? Take a page from our book and give something a little more personal than the usual gifts. Style post today—Christening Gifts.
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March 19, 2017

The Best Small Business Advice We've Received

We've compiled a list of the top 5 most helpful advice we've received since starting Hi Little One. Give it a read and let us know what we're missing!
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March 12, 2017

Spring Break Style, Pint Size

 You may have guessed by now. but we are big into t-shirts, both personalized and non-personalized. T-shirts are the staple of a spring break suitcase.  
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March 05, 2017

March 17th

Finding green to wear on St.Patricks Day, should be easy for the Irish right? Bullet takes a look back at our family's unique way of celebrating our favorite holiday of the year!
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February 26, 2017

Prepping For My 3 Month 'Holiday'

Nell's having a baby next month, but we're still open for business! Check out our infallible plan for a temporary downsize.
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February 23, 2017

It Takes a Village to Raise a Village

It takes a Village to raise a child. With 8 kids, this rings true even more. Most families rely on family members or the occasional babysitters to help get everyone where they need to be. However, with eight kids, it was not as easy to ask for help and I needed help often!
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