Unpacked and officially open for business!

February 05, 2019

Unpacked and officially open for business!

All unpacked and officially open for business! After three days of travel I arrived at home in New York with Hi Little One (HLO) Monday evening January 28th. It was such an exciting and exhausting experience. It was very desolate out there in the Midwest. Colorado however is BEAUTIFUL! We all need to visit. 

To the loyal customers of Hi Little One, LLC hello to all and I am excited to help you with all your personalized baby clothing and hope to expand on the line as your little ones are growing up. My name is Jessie and I have a twelve year old boy and my fiance of seven years has a fifteen year old son. Our boys are big into basketball and sports in general so they are already talking about the line they are designing. 


Buying HLO was an amazing experience and I believe it was fate. I looked online for the first time to research small print shops for sale and it happened to be the same day HLO was listed for sale. I came across the cutest little print and design studio and sent out a request for more information never expecting anything.  The rest is now history. I thank Nell and Maggie for seeing me as the best fit to take over their company. They truly did work hard to establish this company and I am honored to own it. I plan to continue the HLO products, style, and quality you have come to expect and deserve.

Please visit hilittleone.com for our valentines day collection. 


Jessie Boyle