The Fonzie Effect

January 12, 2015

The Fonzie Effect

The Fonzie Effect

Ahhhh, The Fonze.  

Fonzie was the cool guy with the bad boy image, but a total softy on the inside that all the girls loved and all the boys failed to be. I was on the younger side when Fonzie was on TV, but even then I knew, there was something special about The Fonze. Throw a good looking boy in a leather jacket and give him a mysterious soap opera gaze and ladies swoon. It's a faultless equation. Think Uncle Jesse from Full House, Jake from Melrose Place and Dillon from 90210 (heck, even Slater from Saved By The Bell had his time).

Enter the Fonzie tee.  This was my first memory of desperate, jealous wanting of an item of my older sisters clothing.  Just look at her. Molly was just too effortlessly cool and tough.  She didn't have to tell you she put the worms on the hook herself.  In that tee, you just knew she did. 

I hang my head in shame over my lame-duck gingham dress. 

So, now at the edge of forty I look back at the shirts that "changed my life" that all started with Fonzie. The Valley Girl sweatshirt from my Aunt, with Gag Me With a Spoon written all over it in shocking pink. My first pair of guess jeans (I had to babysit 27 hours to earn enough dough to buy).  The endless sports shirts, to support teams I had never heard of, but damn the logo was cute. The Camo T-shirt from Salvation Army a stylist gave to me when I was twenty one, it now fits my nine year old daughter. YIKES! And of course the “I Want My MTV” vintage shirt that still has a home in my t-shirt drawer. 

As I get older I know my “Getting Lucky in Kentucky” shirt from Urban Outfitters is not appropriate street clothes, but that doesn't mean its not still in my closet.

So, in a nod to the next generation of cool kids, Nell and I created Hi Little One. Let us know if we totally blow it.