May 03, 2017
Straight Outta Nowhere

Since school is winding down we wanted to give a shout out to one of our best selling t-shirts—Straight Outta Preschool from our Straight Outta Collection.  

(An incredibly talented artist came up with the idea and urged us to put it on a t-shirt. Thanks, Mike!)

So much sass from this one. Grade schools everywhere take cover! 

This shirt was has been such a huge hit, so we went on to design Straight Outta Diapers and Straight Out of _______ , where YOU fill in the blank. This is when things started getting interesting or should we say literal?

Straight Outta My Mom

Parents reached out to order shirts for their kids graduating preschool and teachers started reaching out to us to have shirts made for their classes. We couldn't be happier to see all these smiling faces!

Enzo makes his style personal with his Straight Outta LPP, just in time for the last day of school.

Maggie Allen

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