April 01, 2017
Not Fit to Print


One of the best parts about Hi Little One is when the creative juices get flowing (especially if there is wine involved) and Nell and I just throw out ideas for t-shirts or new collections. To be honest, most of these ideas never get past the brainstorming stage, but once in awhile something will stick and a new style or collection will be born (pun intended).

As for the ideas that never see the light of day? We call these the "Not Fit to Print" Collection. This is a document pages long with ideas from us, from our friends and family etc...that just don't pass the PC test. Things that may be hysterical to some and yet offensive to others, so we figured there is one day a year where this collection fits—April Fools Day. We don't take ourselves to seriously, so please don't take them seriously..these are all in good fun. Tongue in Cheek...whatever that means- our mom always says that.

Maggie Allen

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