October 25, 2017
North Country Style

Growing up in Minnesota—despite the freezing cold of our infamous winters and the suffocating humidity of our summers—we love the outdoors! There is a fierce loyalty to our home state. So much so, that Minnesotans tout the praises of our great state ad nauseam. It comes as no surprise that the very first collection we designed was a nod to our humble home. The North Country Collection embraces what we love so much about Minnesota.

We start with ideas, designs and fonts (collected on Pinterest- this tool is a huge part of our process) and then start pulling it all together. 

Minnesota Inspiration

Typefaces are the heart and soul of our designs, so finding the right one is key in each of our collections. In North Country we want people to see and feel the rustic way the type face jumps out at them—to feel like if you touched the letters you might get a sliver.

 Then to add the designs, we looked around to the people of our great state.  Ask a Minnesotan what their weekend plans are and you will undoubtedly get a "heading up north", "off to the lake", or "up to the cabin". 

We are campers and hunters, and fishing is the un-official state pastime. We have been thinking about adding Mr. Bunyan to the mix, Babe included of course. So many things Minnesota and so little time.

 The only thing missing is a Sven and Ole onesie...we'll get on it.

Maggie Allen

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