August 13, 2018
Hi Little One at Home

Decorating the nursery is one of the most fun parts of prepping for baby! We have gotten so many cute customer shares of how you have incorporated Hi Little One into your nurseries, we put them all together!  

Our throwback Personalized Infant Baseball Hats make such a cute detail on the edge of a bulletin board, chair or blanket ladder like these sweet rooms display by photographer/ blogger Sydney Gerten.  Such a cute way to add to your room and also keep your favorite sun-shade handy! 

We also love incorporating our favorite clothes into art on the wall—any of our shirts work well for this, but the Hell Yes! Sweatshirt is a real crowd pleaser. This is a fun way to enjoy your favorite baby items after your little one has grown out of them! 

Please keep the pictures coming! We love seeing how you continue to love our threads even off the baby. 

Important Disclaimer: We can help you look good, but we can't promise it will help you win any Science Fairs #participationaward

Maggie Allen

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