October 12, 2017
Halloween—It's in the Air

My favorite thing about October is the feeling that it brings. Summer's scent of cut grass is gone and has been replaced by the smell of crisp leaves falling from the trees. Mornings are chilly and sweaters and boots make their way from the back of the closet to the front replacing the flip-flops and sandals.

The kids are finally settled back into the routine of school and the excitement for the holidays to come—Halloween being their favorite by far. They tease each other about haunted houses and spend their time figuring out what their costume will be and whether or not Amazon will be able to deliver it on time. The feeling is fun, silly and it brings back so many memories of trick or treating as a kid and what fun it was unless you had siblings whose goal it was to scare you silly....(but that was still fun too).

Our Spooky Scary Collection goes back to the simpler times when a costume was a sheet with holes in it—we decided that little ones don't need much for the season (as far as dressing up goes) and if you have ever tried to get a one-year-old into a pumpkin costume you know how miserable it is.

So grab carve a pumpkin, decorate your yard and grab a Trick or Treat Bag and your favorite t-shirt (My favorite is Mua Ha Ha) and hit the neighborhood with the kiddos!

Maggie Allen

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