February 08, 2017
DIY Valentines for Little Ones

Conversation Hearts, chocolate and Cupid are all Valentine's Day staples. For kids it's about giving and getting Valentine's Cards and bedazzling a shoebox to receive them in. When we were designing the Be Mine Collection of t-shirts, onesies and totes it reminded me of the homemade Valentines my kids and I made when they were toddlers. (As my kids get older it's more about store bought Spongebob Valentines Day Cards with gummy candy stuck on with tape.) So, last week (with the help of my VERY patient 12 year old daughter) my 3 year old nephew and 1.5 year niece and I went old school and made Valentine Day Cards. 


Red and/or White Blank Greeting Cards

Paper Plates

Crayola Washable Finger Paint

Newspaper (to capture the mess and believe me there will be one)

Layout the newspaper and using red, white and pink paint, pour each color onto their own paper plates. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Have the kiddos put their whole hand into the paint and then (with your guidance) onto the note cards.Then let them dry and have your kids sign them with a red Sharpie. Basic? Yes. Messy? Yes! Personal? Yes! We sent these out when my kids were younger their grandparents etc... Everyone loved them, they loved the little hand print and the ineligible signature on the inside. For those who are among the "art challenged", as I am, it is easy and fun for the kids. There might be some misinterpretation of the instructions, but that's to be expected. Have fun!



Maggie Allen

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