Desperately Seeking Madonna

October 08, 2015

Desperately Seeking Madonna

Desperately Seeking Madonna

Does everyone else in Minnesota know Madonna is playing at the Xcel tonight?! I just heard it on the radio and, well...WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS??? Am I getting so old to where I don't even know when my all time favorite artist is performing a mere 25 miles from me?! Short answer? Yes.

Madonna was my everything growing up. When I was in the third grade my mom asked me what I would like on my birthday cake. I am sure she was expecting me to say a unicorn, palm trees or a soccer ball. She was not expecting me to ask for a Madonna birthday cake, but like Bullets does, she made it happen.  I can't even imaging her embarrassment as she described to the bakery how she would like the cake decorated.

"Could you design a picture of Madonna—'Like a Virgin', Madonna, not  the 'Virgin Mother', Madonna—and then write Happy 8th Birthday Maggie?"

Then came the week in fourth grade when I was asked to leave the classroom to take off my black rubber bracelets because they were disrupting the rest of the students.   This was only to be followed up by my insistence on dressing up as Madonna for Halloween. My Mom found my this amazing patch work jacket (it looked exactly like the one she wore) and then my mom MADE me a (Faux) leather skirt, add that to my bracelets, hair bow and amazingly bad perm. I thought I was The Material Girl herself. Seriously, I had issues. 

Thinking back to all of this now, I cannot believe my parents allowed me to go through my Madonna "stage" in life. It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time, but mostly it makes me realize how lucky I was to have a mom who went out of her way to make things so special for me. I just hope I am that nice to my kids who say they want to dress up as Lady Gaga in the meat dress or Miley Cyrus a la Blurred Lines. Yikes!