January 22, 2017
Birthdays—A Cause for Celebration and Personalization

We are big fans of birthdays at Hi Little One, especially kids birthdays! Birthdays are a huge deal to kids and planning a celebration that they will remember is important. Not in the sense that there needs to be a ton of presents, a petting zoo or an ice sculpture carved with your child’s name. All those things would be amazing, but you can plan a perfect celebration with a little creativity (or for me, someone else's creativity that they have kindly cataloged on Pinterest)

The one rule we have in our home for birthdays is that there is cake with candles, the singing of "Happy Birthday" with just the five of us as a family. Here are my favorite things that will help you make your little one’s big day feel extra festive! 

Birthday Candles—Instead of picking up the usual birthday candles, head to your local party store and pick up some birthday candles, they come in all shapes and sizes these days! 

Party Hats—Party Hats make your guests feel special and add decor to the room at the same time. There are tons of party hats online, but since you don’t get to wear a crown everyday I am partial to the ones at OH HAPPY DAY Party Shop and Spritz Brand from Target.

Something Personalized!—Parties are designed to celebrate someone, so make them feel extra special with a t-shirt made just for them. Our new Birthday Collection has a variety of styles of personalized and non personalized t-shirts to make your little one feel like the star of the day!

Birthday Cards—Greeting cards are one my top all time favorite things. I love picking them out and when people take the time to write a short note inside, it means a lot, but even if they just sign their name, handwriting is so personal.


Cake!—The most important part of the day. Pick up at your favorite local bakery~ mine is Amy's Cupcake Shoppe.



Maggie Allen

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