March 10, 2018
Always 100% Irish at Heart

hand me down irish sweater, 23 & Me, etc.. are all the rage right now. Everyone is curious about where they came from, and my 12-year-old is no exception. She asked Santa for Ancestory.Com kit for Christmas, and well, the results are in and she's a little less than thrilled by the results. 

"This is not at all what I thought I was going to find out! I am way more Irish than 34%, right?!  Where is the phone? I'm calling Grandma!"

In full disclosure, I may or may not have told my kids that they are almost 100% Irish. That's how I grew up. Being Irish was a really big deal in the Ryan household. We had shamrock everything. this picture is of my Nell when she was a year-and-a-half in my favorite hand me down sweater from her Aunt Nell. (This was her St.Partricks Day uniform every year until it was more of a crop top.)

Sun Road in Ireland

We created this year's Lucky Collection using memories from family trips and Nell's semester abroad there in college. Here is Big Nell my sister Nell and Bullets in County Kerry a few years ago. Such a spectacularly beautiful place! 

As always we wanted to create a classic St.Paddy's Day Style t-shirt, onesie, and tote. Nothing too cheeky, just some vintage green-themed looks that highlight the things we love most about the Emerald Isle. 

 The Lucky Collection also includes a nod to the many sports in Ireland, official sports (Rugby, Hurling) or some local Favorites (Sheep Shearing, Sweater Making).  

We couldn't help ourselves from adding our favorite Irish saying "Pog Mo Thoin" (Kiss My Arse) to the rear of the onesie. (we couldn't help ourselves- everything looks so cute written in Gaelic. Whatever style you pick for your little one, others will be green with envy. 

Even if you are not at as Irish as you think (I'm looking at you 34%) you can still celebrate with the best of them!


Maggie Allen

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