We Moved {Again!} & Come Visit Friday!

September 27, 2016

We Moved {Again!} & Come Visit Friday!

This post is pretty delayed, considering we've moved the studio on August 1st, but it's taken a bit longer than expected to really settle in. But back to the good part, we moved! And we have tons more space now! And we want you to come visit! 

Our new studio is in the 40 West Arts District in Lakewood.  This Friday, October 7th, we're participating in the last First Friday of the year! It will be at the studio, and many other participating creative houses in the district. You can find more info on the entire walk here

The Hi Little One Studio
1528 Teller Street
Denver, Colorado 80218
Open House: Friday Oct. 7, 5-8PM

We'll have drinks, treats and 25% off everything in the shop! We will also have a really fun new product, Design Your Own T-shirts! We have coloring pages + art supplies so your little can create their own designs. We'll print them right then and they can wear them out the door! Color your own t-shirts are $15 each in the studio. I'm really excited about taking our shirts offline and into the real world. We've tested this out with a few kiddos and they were a huge hit! So come get creative with us over happy hour. 

Here's a little preview of our new digs: 

The New Hi Little One Studio in Denver, Colorado

The space is big enough to have an area for playing, creating and taking pics—in the spotlight! We have games, an easel to get creative on, and a box of props to get the party started.

Personalization in full effect!

The other side of the studio is where the real action happens: production. I went a little Ikea + pegboard crazy and am so happy with how it turned out. There's enough room for everything, it's all organized and accessible. I am seriously in productivity heaven here. 

Fun details in the Hi Little One Studio

I've been able to take some time and add some details that keep me happy and inspired. A few of my favorite design and biz books (This is Not a Book, Good Type Vol 1., The Monocle Guide to Good Business, Design it Yourself, Tibor Kilman: Design and Undesign, and Ready Made: How to Make {Almost} Everything). A lot of these books have been in a box since I moved from New York to Denver over two years ago! I am so happy to have them out. I know it's silly but just having them near me, in a space I can be creative, makes me feel more creative and geared up to make something amazing. 

Nell's desk at the new Hi Little One studio

Last, finally a proper work space! I really loved working from home, but have already found myself to be so much more productive here. I have to really, actually, like 100% done, finish something before I leave. There is no coming back later or "just one more thing" after dinner. I have to be more strict with my schedule and stick to my deadlines. A bit of an adjustment (especially the part about changing out of my PJs/workout clothes) but definitely for the best.

We're so excited about this new space and hope you come join us next week!!