Postal Service: HLO Shipping Gets a Makeover

October 28, 2015

Postal Service: HLO Shipping Gets a Makeover

 Hi Little One New Packaging

There has been / continues to be / forever will be so much to do with launching and growing this little company, that I sometimes just throw a bunch of boxes on the ground and pretend its funny have a hard time choosing the most important projects for my time. It’s so difficult to sit down and go through our accounting, instead of designing a new line, but often (too often) these tasks are the most important for the day.

I love digital design; I love problem solving; I love packaging. So I was pretty excited to tackle the project of improving our shipping. Since we started, we have been using USPS flat rate shipping boxes and envelopes. I would highly recommend this to anyone starting business, or even if you just find yourself often shipping items. The packaging is free, payment / labeling on your own is super easy and the postman will pick everything up right from your house. There are no additional fees and no minimum shipping amount or frequency. It’s truly a turnkey solution, and was a perfect option when we had our head in every other aspect of this business.

But while I genuinely love the post office’s packaging (so American!), it was time to come up with something more personal that would truly feel like a present from the outside in. Plus, we needed to provide a more more cost-effective shipping option. Priority mail is awesome, but not all onesies are needed asap.

So we hit the drawing board (and Uline catalog) and behold! The new Hi Little One Packaging:

 Hi Little One Packaging

It’s simple, but functional – like us. Some other perks:

  • Free shipping on orders over $75!
  • But who really cares about that because most orders ship for $4 or less
  • You can choose from economy, priority or express shipping
  • Packaging that shouts personal gift, not possible anthrax mystery box (ok, ok – bad joke)

It’s a small step really. Ordering boxes, tape and upgrading our shipping account. But this feels bigger than the sum of these tasks. It’s like we’ve shed one more layer of startup in-between time, and taken a big step towards being a fully independent brand.