Our Ever Expanding Family

November 05, 2015

Our Ever Expanding Family

I know that my blog (Bullet Points) usually looks at my family’s past adventures; this time I would like to share something I am looking forward to. I am blessed with 4 wonderful, happy, sometimes wacky sons-in-law. I love them all and they have made my family larger, but most importantly, they have made it even better.

On October 22, 2016, I will welcome my first daughter-in-law. Sean is a very lucky man, and we are a very lucky family. She is sweet, smart, and beautiful inside and out. She never met Jim, but I know that he had a hand in this union, he most certainly would have loved her. 

In-laws are a great opportunity to improve your gene pool

I traveled to South Carolina this past weekend, to meet her parents. I was very nervous. I wanted to be at my best as she is the most important person in Sean’s life and I wanted her family to like our family as much as we adore her. I wanted to look my best, the extra 30 pounds is always the first regret, but it is what it is. I had nothing to worry about, the her parents were wonderfully gracious, they have raised a fabulous young woman, who returns my son’s love.

A number of years ago, Jim and I wrote a note to our kids. I've included it below. It was our way of expressing what is important in life and hopefully to pass this on to their families and beyond. 

All of us are a wonderful mix of names, personalities, abilities, sizes and yes, shapes. All of our differences make us the whole that is our Family. We celebrate our sameness and our difference, we need to tolerate them too!

We have a strong bond by blood and love. It is our wish that this bond, long survive Dad and I and go on for generations. As we add new people to this family, we need to embrace their families and their traditions. We will learn much from them.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, we have the village. Some may decide to have children, some may not, but all of us will bring meaning to these children’s lives.

Life is not fair, it is what you make it. You all can build the lives you want, just find what you love to do and do it. It doesn’t make any difference how much money you make, you will never find peace if you are not happy and fulfilled with what you are doing.

Be kind and compassionate to one another in all things. Do not judge each other, but try to find a common ground to communicate. Listen to one another with open minds and hearts you will be surprised at how much you are alike. Try and see situations from the other side.

But most of all love each other. Whether your are close together or far apart, keep in touch, get together. Don’t ever lose sight of the great gift you have been given — your family! 

-Mom and Dad