September 24, 2017
My New Favorite Shirt

Custom Printed Fan Club Baby T-shirts

Mick and I had a wedding last weekend, and Mick's sister, Erin, very graciously offered to take our (6 months!!) baby Murray for the night. It was our first night away, actually—such a treat. Erin has two very active boys, Jake (10) and Mike (8). I knew they'd be excited to have the Merman around, but also that he would be cutting into their pizza party / TGIF watching / nerf gun dodging / mom-time. I wanted to send Murray bearing gifts that would win the boys over, and let everyone know how much I appreciated their help.

Jake and Mike are really, really into sports. All of them. Playing, watching, talking sports. So the Varsity Collection was a given, but I didn't know their team names, or colors and didn't have time to bug Erin for the info. Suprise! I was doing this extremely last minute. 

Like all good ideas, the Fan Club T-Shirt dawned on me in the shower. This might be my favorite shirt yet. It's just so supportive! Impossible not to smile.

personalized fan club t-shirt

I printed up one for each of the boys and figured they could arm wrestle for who's shirt Murray would wear first. Jake had a football game the next day, so Murray was the de facto captain of the cheerleading squad. 

Custom Fan Club T-Shirt for Babies

When your older cousin is the littlest guy on his Peewee football team, but has the most tackles, he's pretty easy to cheer for. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! er... Jake! Jake! Jake! 

This picture seriously kills me. Hoping our next baby is a responsible, loving 10-year-old! 

Personalized Fan Club onesies

The Fan Club shirt is completely customizable and is available in a white onesie, white kids T-shirt, and vintage track-style gray kids  T. It is such a good pre-thank you gift for all the people who help you care for your little! It's the perfect shirt to wear on his favorite Uncle's birthday, or to honor whoever is making Thanksgiving dinner this year, or to show his new teacher how great she is. (A small gift, that's a great surprise and helps you spread gratitude and smiles all over the place.)

Nell Lindquist

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