Father's Day - Then & Now

June 18, 2015

Father’s Day - Then & Now

Father’s Day - Then & Now

Father's Day always seems to be surrounded by sports in our family, be it going golfing, swimming or just watching baseball, there has always been a sports theme.

When I was young we would all pile into the 12 passenger conversion van and head up north to the Iron Range. My grandpa had a cottage on Lake Eshquaguma.  We would drive up early, spend the day with him, then head home after dinner. Three hours. Both ways. 8 kids. One car. Good times.

 Once we arrived we drove the golf cart (not very well), played played tennis or fished. The hammock was always another source of entertainment, until the year we swung so high and it may or may not have broken off and sent my brother flying. We didn't get to use the hammock after that Father's Day.

For Father's Day this year, my kids want to make their Dad breakfast in bed. The tradition is microwave pancakes served with a Capri Sun juice pouch (which will be spilled all over the kitchen because—let's be honest—those straws are impossible to work to get in that tiny silver hole) . This year, the kids will add something new, however. They are obsessed with the show Master Chef Junior and they are constantly trying to "plate" their food in some new fancy way.  So despite how the pancakes will taste, rest assured they will look amazing.

The rest of the day will no doubt be consumed by the traditional golf, swimming, and little league.  

The best part is that we'll all be together, all day.  We'll all come home exhausted, dirty from the ball field and full of concession stand food—Henry with his red Gatorade ring around his mouth. Good times (really!).

What will you do?