Celebrate All Things

September 24, 2015

Celebrate All Things

Celebrate All ThingsI was sitting at my computer this morning, a little stuck on what I should write about this week. It is strange (to me) to write these weekly posts, sharing so much about our personal life online. Reading other blogs, I have been so inspired, educated and moved by all of the amazing people that share their lives (good times and hard times) so openly through writing. 

We received an email today from a mother who's young daughter is a cancer survivor. A friend of the mothers had seen our "Going Gold" t-shirts and ordered a shirt and had sent it to her. She took the time today to reach out to us.

"Thank you SO much for sending this. When I am able to snap a photo of our daughter in it, I’ll be sure to send your way.....I love your packaging and note about your products. I think it’s absolutely amazing that a portion of your sales goes to helping fight kids cancer. As a mom of a survivor this means the world to us!" 

Having had cancer and watching my parents take care of me and then five years later seeing them do it again when my brother was diagnosed, makes me want to do anything to make the job of the parents easier. Something to take away a small bit of the pain of watching your child (and the entire family) deal with illness.

Looking at this picture of him now I can't help but well up with pride and tears.  A mix of the rollercoaster we went through 15 years ago. 

I know these are just t-shirts, but I hope that they add a lightness to what can be a predominantly dark journey. It is my sincerest hope that someday, in our lifetime, we won't need to make t-shirts for kids with childhood cancer, because we will have found a cure.