10 Ways to Tell if Your Baby is a Good Sport

October 29, 2017

10 Ways to Tell if Your Baby is a Good Sport

1. He doesn't mind wearing a sweatshirt when it's 90 degrees out and 100% humidity when you're camping in Nebraska. In August. (but still, Hell Yes! for witnessing totality!)

Hell Yes in Nebraska

2. At three days old, he'd already perfected the internal, eternal frustration sigh. Just get it over with already, smh.

Oui Oui Oui All the Way Home

3. He's OK with being held up in front of every mildly amusing sign you happen across. "Are you getting the shot? Is this funny?" No and no. 

Murray and the moose sign

4. ...same goes for mountain views. "Hold him higher so you can see the mountains. Now move your hands so you can see his shirt. No, yes, I need the mountains and the shirt. Can you try to get him to open his eyes?"

Murray at the Maroon Bells5. ...and somewhat hip eateries. "Can one of you hold his head up and the other get his body? Now hide your arms. Is this weird or cute?"

Murray at Denver Central Market

6. He'll pretend to enjoy laying on the ground next to dead animals so you can get the perfect "Colorado" picture.

Murray and the Bison

7. Or enjoy being held up in front of one. In my defense, I was trying to get him in front of the bullhorns while wearing his Babe Sweatshirt. He's Babe the Blue Ox! It's a head-exploding good idea; am I right? (Also, thank you,  thank you, thank you, for trying Mick.)

Babe Vintage Wool Sweatshirt by Babe the Blue Ox

8. Or if he lets you pinch his cheeks with his own feet so, so, so many times because it's just so funny. "No really, he likes it!"

Murrays Magical Feet

9. Or stays asleep while you sprint around pretending to work while wearing him so you can desperately try every angle of selfie to document that sometimes you do, in fact, work while wearing him.

Murray at the Printer

 10. Or last but not least, he lets you put him in a onesie while he's taking a bath* because his new swim toy (an otteroo**) is just so bizarre that you're sure there's an HLO photo opp in there somewhere. Ignore the fact that you don't wear clothes in the tub, and this picture makes no sense.

Murray in the bath

*Yes, our mom has a glass bathtub. It's weird and amazing.

**Yes the otteroo is a real thing, an inner tube for your baby's neck. I bought one out of sick kind of curiosity, but honestly, it's far and away his favorite toy. He takes 30+ min baths and thinks he's Michael Phelps. 

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