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White Label: Benilde-St. Margaret's 4 Piece Gift Set

Personalized, BSM inspired, 4 piece baby gift set, includes onesie, hat, bib and tote. Made in America. 

Garment Construction

100% Baby Rib cotton
Neckband designed for easy on-and-off
Shrinkage: will shrink an average of one size when put in the dryer
Made in America

100% Baby Rib cotton
Adjustable top knot
Made in America

100% Baby Rib cotton
Velcro closure
Made in America

Muslin Pouch
Unbleached cotton muslin
8x10 inches: Gift Set fits perfectly inside
Drawstring with double-knotted cord to open and close the pouch

100% Bull Denim Woven Cotton
Dimensions: 14 3/8" x 14" (36.5cm x 35.6cm)
Dual handles
Made in America