About Hi Little One

Hi Little One is a modern, design driven personalization shop for kids. It was created to shake up the traditional monogrammed baby gift and give people a fresh new option for personalizing kids onesies, kids t-shirts, newborn gift sets and totes. Our products are hand-printed and we give 10% of profits to organizations that support the treatment and research of pediatric cancers. Want to know why? You can get to know our family story a bit better here. (Surprise! Cancer is a big, unwelcome part of it.) 

Although we have been producing gifts on our own for years, Hi Little One officially launched in 2015, after a successful Kickstarter campaign (Woooohoooo!!).

Nell & Maggie, Founders of Hi Little One, in the printing studio

We're Nell & Maggie, sisters and founders of Hi Little One. We started this company when we were having a hard time finding newborn gifts that we actually liked. Something cute, but not too cute. Something personal and fun. So we started making our own. Nell is a trained graphic designer with a background in digital management, and Maggie is a merchandizing specialist with a keen eye for style.

Starting a children's clothing company was not something either of us ever thought we would do "when we grew up". The idea for Hi Little One sprung up completely organically, we were really just creating a product for our own use and realized we were onto something. We've found a void in the children's gifting market, a sweet spot for both our skill sets, and well, we're running with it!

Hi Little One Personalized Onesies
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We Believe That...

Design Matters. A Lot.

Every order we produce is individually designed by a pro, making even our quick-order items 100% original. A real, live, human graphic designer custom designs each good before it's printed. This goes beyond simply swapping in one name for another. This goes beyond Arial and Curlz embroidery!  This is custom designed goods for your little. Affordably. This is awesome. 

The World Would Be a Lot Better Without Cancer.

Research, treatment and family support are all important and expensive elements of health. We are committed to supporting these pillars by donating 10% of profits to organizations dedicated to fighting pediatric cancers.  Read Why > 

You Know Best.

Our ears are open. Our product order forms are designed to help you personalize every last detail of your item. Tell us you aunt-given nickname for your niece, your inside joke, your favorite memory, and let us help you bring it to life in an awesome gift.

Gifting is Personal. Duh.

A gift says as much about you as the person you're shopping for. At Hi Little One, our goal is to help you be creative and create a special gift that you're proud to give. We follow through with this promise with our packaging. You'll know there is something special inside this box as soon as you see it on your doorstep. Plus, because the majority of our orders are gifts, we never include pricing in the shipments.

Thank you for visiting our shop! Starting this company has been one of the scariest, most thrilling, and rewarding things we've ever done. We wouldn't be here without the support of our family and friends, and of course, a whole lot of elbow grease.