December 01, 2017
Easy Steps to Winning at Gift Giving! For the Teachers, Bus Driver, Hostess on Your List.

Distraction: anything that is getting in the way of finishing my holiday shopping early this year. By early I don't mean by Black Friday; I'm just hoping I'm not still wrapping furiously on Dec 24th.  What are examples of said distractions? Driving to sports, helping with school projects, baking cookies, finding a white shirt and black pants and dress shoes for a 5th-grade choir concert. Who has dress shoes anymore?!!? Any other non-tennis shoe for the kids to wear to their school concerts (do Crocs count?). 

The list goes on and on, but it shouldn't. The distractions are life, just everyday things that should be the main focus for me. In the holiday rush, I usually end up forgetting the ones that should be on the top of my list, the people who take care of my little people. Teachers, principals, coaches and bus drivers etc.... So, in an effort to put the most important people at the top of my list, I put together some great gift ideas for everyone from teachers to neighbors who always host that fun holiday party in your neighborhood. 

Step #1 Order Hi Little One Personalized Tote 

Step #2 Fill it with unique and thoughtful gifts

Step #3 Deliver Gift

Step #4 Wait for amazing thank you note praising your gift-giving skills. #winning

Step #5 Congratulate yourself  (i.e eat pie, drink wine)

Maggie Allen

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