July 11, 2017
Personalization in the Wrong Hands

Being a mother you learn more than a few lessons. Don't let your kids run with scissors, sugar after 8pm never ends well and last, but most importantly, keep an even closer eye on your littles when Sharpie markers are around. 

Our kids were asked to be in our nanny's wedding as the flower girl and ring barer(s). Morgan was our nanny for five years until we moved to Minnesota from Chicago—she was truly part of our family. The wedding was beautiful and the kids performed their duties without incident (I admit I was a bit nervous they were 6, 4, and 3 years old).

The wedding went off without a hitch and the reception was going famously. While waiting in line to sign the guest book (which was a beautiful framed print of a tree where you signed the leaves that surrounded two love birds) I left the kids for just a second (really!) to grab a drink from the bar, congratulating myself on their good behavior during the ceremony.

When I returned to the line, my family was just finishing up signing the poster and Owen and Nell were putting the caps on the Sharpies. I looked down at the tree to admire their work, and almost fainted. 


Yep, Owen and Nell signed the love birds. In permanent marker. Ruining the entire thing. Henry, the youngest, was the only one to follow directions, putting his mark, a big H just below. Craig and I felt horrible. Thankfully, Morgan and her new husband laughed it off and pretended not to mind. My face still gets red thinking about it! 

A couple of years later we went to visit Morgan, who had just had a baby, and there on the wall was the wedding guest-tree. Hanging for all to see. Morgan must have noticed my double take and obvious embarrassment and looked at us and said "it makes us laugh everyday, we love it." Such a good perspective, and a graceful saving of me from supreme embarrassment! 

Maggie Allen

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