May 08, 2019
Introducing: Jessie Boyle

Hello Everyone in the Hi Little One community.

I just wanted to formally introduce myself and thank you all for your support during this wonderful journey of becoming the new proud owner of Hi Little One (HLO).

As many of you followed Nell and Maggie's journey of starting HLO, I’m sure some of you may be bummed that they sold the company. I want to reassure you that I am so proud to own this company and have fun everyday designing lines, posting on social media and seeing everyone’s support. *Spoiler Alert* We have some new exciting lines coming out this summer that I’m sure you will all love.

Nell and Maggie were true professionals in their expertise in marketing and graphic design and I am learning every day how big the shoes are that I need to fill. Nearly every week I stumble across something else in the archive of documents and photos and think, ‘Wow they did such a great job with HLO.’ I truly have an incredible foundation to continue to build this business from.

As some of you may (or may not) know, I had to travel from New York to Colorado to buy this business. It was one of the most adventurous/spontaneous things I’ve done in my entire life. It all started in November at a business workshop I took. The exercise was to write out all my business goals and then reflect on them. I currently own a marketing company and my 5-year goals, amongst a few others, included building a brand, and owning a small print/design shop. At that point, I was also working an Accountant position at a College Foundation and was overworked and honestly just exhausted. The salary, benefits and the general position was great, but my business needed me and I was scared to take the jump towards my actual business goals.

The purchase of HLO started to progress, and Nell and Maggie thought I would be a perfect match. I crunched and crunched the numbers over and over trying to figure out how I could make this deal a reality. I was able to give them an offer and Nell and Maggie decided to think about my offer over the holidays. Mid-January they decided to accept my offer. I was shocked.

I attempted to get financing after they accepted and was unsuccessful. I needed to create projections, business plans, draw up contracts…  I’ll spare you the boring details. However, Nell was about to have a baby and didn’t have any more time to wait, so that was it. I had to get my sh*t together, and move forward with my banker and lawyer. They trusted me to fly to Denver from New York and take everything in the design studio in a Uhaul, leaving them with a small deposit, a picture of my license, and a signed contract.

It wasn’t until I got home with the Uhaul until I had realized, this is legit. I have to learn this very successful business, all while running my own and leave my current Accounting position. My fiance was amazing and had redone the basement so I had an area for the print shop. He watched about 100 videos on Youtube about the printer, while I watched endless videos on Adobe products and printing. Needless to say, we are now seasoned pros with a bucket of junk shirts to get donated.

I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people show their support for me buying this business and I am truly grateful that I have. I have decided to write this blog based on my journey as a Mom Entrepreneur, and I plan to share with you everything I am implementing and the new things I am learning. I hope to apply my knowledge from my Business Degree, and accounting experience to help women and moms like you start businesses and watch them grow and prosper.


Jessie Boyle


My two sons, Jacob (12) and Nick (16)

My two sons, Nick & Jacob. 

Jessie Boyle

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