January 15, 2017
Birthday Photo Shoot at the Rainy Day Cafe

Creating all the images that support our business is far and away the most time consuming and challenging part of running this business. We need so much creative content to share on social, fill our site, develop our emails.

Our studio doesn't have great light, so I am constantly looking for locations that are kid-friendly, with natural light, and interesting, yet non distracting backgrounds. Easy right? Someday I will have a beautiful space bathed in natural light, but in the meantime, I am on the road. 

I lucked out big time (or is it big league?! Apologies...). I was getting coffee with a girlfriend at her sister's new shop, Rainy Day Cafe and was able to weasel my way into hosting a shoot their and using both their children to boot.  The cafe is really cute, has amazing coffee and snacks and a friendly neighborhood feel. Exactly what we're going for over here! 

Rainy Day Cafe and Coffee Shop in Denver

Having a space with a few fresh walls so I can set up different "scenes" helps me maximize my time. Get one child in several different shirts with different backgrounds. My entire game plan, every time, is to come prepared with props and t-shirts, rapid fire snaps with the camera, and don't stop until someone is crying. I often end up with 1000+ images from any given shoot, and spend a lot of time editing and curating.

Everett in his personalized one year onesie

An especially unique challenge about photographing little ones is that I never know who can sit or stand until they arrive. So there is a lot of on the spot improvising with chairs and props. 

Echo in a personalized onesie month by month style

We couldn't even fake Baby Beatrice sitting up (a lot of balancing and spills) so we laid her on her sisters flannel for a fun backdrop. You'd never guess this was a three year old's shirt! Or would you? 

Beatrice in her I'm New Baby Creeper

I grabbed a few different buntings from Paper Source, one of my favorite resources for party props, and cards...and random things I really don't need but can't help but buy. 

Quinn in his Birthday T-Shirt

And when I've exhausted inside space I always make an effort to get the kiddos outside. I usually end up liking these pictures the best, although you might have to put up with a bit of cold.  

Addie in her big sister t-shirt

A huge, huge thank you to Lauren & Wayne for sharing their amazing shop! If you are in the City Park area, I highly recommend checking out them out! Who can resist a delicious, family-run, small business?

Nell Lindquist