January 21, 2018
Be Mine, The Making of a Lovely Collection

When designing a new collection, we start by brainstorming, which usually involves more ideas ending up in the trash than on onesies. (You may have noticed our sense of humor is slightly dry and more than a little weird unconventional.)

Our Valentine's Day brainstorm followed the usual pattern, starting with basic ideas, moving to a little off the beaten path, to the inevitable "that's hysterical but we can't print it". We ended the meeting in tears googling pickup lines and reading them to each other, an activity we highly recommend. 

Our goal this season was to make a collection that was less about being in love and more about finding things that kids love. (Pizza, recess, bugs - you get the idea).

So we started with the obvious things: gym class, recess, pizza and of course tacos. Put them on our (customer favorite) raglan t-shirts and the Be Mine Collection started to take shape. 

We were on such a roll with the good vibes from all the love, we ended up freshening up our Love Rules Collection too! I guess you could say love was in the air. (Sorry, I couldn't help it).



Maggie Allen

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