March 02, 2016
Shy Little One >> Photo Diva

When we started Hi Little One, we never realized how much time and effort it takes to get good pictures of kids. I mean we knew taking pictures took awhile (my dad took pictures of everything, everywhere and everyday- despite being incredibly annoyed during those times, I am so thankful we have a lot of good pictures of growing up) Notice, I didn't say great pictures? Great pictures, we have learned is a skill and is not as easy as it looks.

We try and post 1-3 pictures a day on social media. Those pictures take so much time and planning. First, we map out what images we need and print the garments. Next, we ask/bribe our friends (usually with product and beer) who have babies or know of babies to come over for a photo shoot. Then, we get props, paint walls, buy pretty oversized candy for the kids to hold, balloons etc.... Finally, we are photoshoot-ready. We cross our fingers and hope that we have happy kiddos who love to smile, listen, change clothes a few times and stand still for a couple of hours.  This is about as likely as me re-taking college biology and getting a better grade than I did back then. Not possible.

But a few weeks ago, we discovered a magical trick that changed everything. It turned shy, unhappy, don't want to listen into super models, I am taking Sacha Fierce folks. (Sacha Fierce is Beyonce's alter ego that she turns on when she is performing that makes her completely uninhibited in front on the cameras) 

What is it? Sunglasses!!! 

We were doing a shoot for our social media giveaway with ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses last week, and the second we put sunglasses on the kiddos, BOOM! Game On! 

The kids were insta-super models, attitude included. Needless to say it made the photo shoot way more fun for everyone involved. So, if you start seeing sunglasses in every Hi Little One photo-now you know why!




Maggie Allen

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