February 17, 2016
A Sunday State of Mind

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. When I was younger, I was always annoyed by my parents rule that Sunday was family day. That meant we went to church and spent the day at home together, no friends over, just the ten of us. Now as a parent, I get it. I just want one day during the week untouched by sports or school, dedicated to just being together as a family. 

These days are few and far between. Sports and school work seem to run our lives right now, even on Sundays. I wish the world would slow down a bit sometimes. It would be so nice to have a whole day filled with nothingness. No schedule, no practice, no homework and nowhere to go. I feel like it is at these quiet moments where so much more happens. We get a chance to talk and laugh and just be together.  Sundays bring memories back of my childhood and how much I honestly liked being at home. Sure, my siblings annoyed me and my parents were really strict, but they were always there for me and I knew on Sundays we would always be home together.

These Sundays, before going to bed, I sit and write out what the week looks like and what I need to do for work and for home. I love to do this (I am a bit type A and making my weekly schedule makes me seriously happy), it makes the week ahead seem in order, do-able and stress-free, even though I know it won't be, but for a moment, it seems like it will be. And that's enough for me, a minute on a Sunday, where everything is quiet, in order and everyone is home and safe and relaxed. Maybe we should make a shirt to keep the vibe going all week - "Sunday state of mind".


*In full disclosure as I was writing this post, my husband was walking out the door at 9:30pm on a Sunday night taking our oldest to urgent care. So much for that.

Maggie Allen

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