January 14, 2016
The Hockey Jacket—Personalization Desperation

January means a lot of things, the New Year, colder weather and sports! While the professional teams have their play off games, our kid's sports season is also in full swing. Whether you are spending your weeknights and weekends at basketball, gymnastics, indoor soccer, hockey etc - sports can run your life. Best part of sports? Besides the concession stand and cheering on our little bad news bears?  The warm up uniforms! Seriously, how cute do the kids look all decked out in their team gear? 

I remember growing up, my sisters competed in gymnastics and always had the best velour (yes, velour) track suits from their club—Tag's Gymnastics. They even had t-shirts with their nicknames on the back. I was beyond jealous. With eight kids, hand me downs were a way of life at our house. So, these cute warm ups, sweatshirts etc would be passed down to the next in line (always the best hand me downs). I never minded if something said Molly, I just wore it proudly. 

Tess (age 4), our youngest sibling, had her eye on a shiny, blue hockey warm up jacket that Sean had gotten one year for his hockey team. She loved it and couldn't wait for it to be passed down-literally. SO, one day when Sean wasn't home Tess claimed the jacket for herself. She took a black sharpie and crossed out the white embroidered "Sean" on the jacket and wrote Tess in huge letters. Sean freaked out when he got home blaming Tess (duh). To this day Tess still claims she didn't do it.

Sometimes personalization can make you do crazy things, all in the name of style. 

Maggie Allen

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