September 17, 2015
The Clean Plate Club


So many childhood memories of mine revolve around the antics of the ten of us at the dinner table. There was always someone in sulking, always laughter, someone trying to get a rise out of someone by kicking legs under the table and usually a baby or two crying. I know it sounds like a circus, and it usually was, but it was the best kind of one. No matter what the mood around the table, we had one rule we had to be a member of the "clean plate club". No exceptions, including my dad, who once sat at the table for an extra 30 minutes because he didn't want to eat his beet greens. So, when trying to think of ideas for a new kids collection for Hi Little One, food came to mind and to be honest, we always think about food.  

"Eat your fruit and veggies!" is something every parent has said more than once. So when we met Annie Ochoa at Alt Summit and saw her amazing illustrations, the "Fruit and Veg" collaboration was born. Annie Ochoa is an amazing artist and mother based out of Miami, Florida. After 18 years of running a successful design company, she knew she wanted to do something she was passionate about. Twelve Walls is a combination of Annie's love for children and her love of illustration. The goal of Twelve Walls is create prints that make family spaces a little happier. We think she does just that!

It seems like so many of the things we have learned since starting Hi Little One, has been due to our amazing experience at Alt Summit. We met so many amazing people who shared with us their own successes and failures and how they turned their passion into their business.  

We hope you like our newest collaboration with Annie of Twelve Walls - we love it!

Maggie Allen

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